Cornerstone Ministries

  • Children

    As a Church, we are totally committed to our children. We see our little ones as precious gifts from God richly deserving our best efforts to raise them to love and respect Our Triune God and The Bible, The Word of God. We assist and encourage our parents and others of our church to understand the urgency of our Children’s Ministry.

  • Missions

    Missions is an exciting opportunity to be a part something bigger than ourselves and it is a privilege to be included in God’s plan to expand His Kingdom. We look forward to a time when all nations, peoples, and tongues will be praising and worshiping Him.

  • Youth

    We are here to encourage students to live a life of purpose: a life connected to God and His Word. Through study, fun events and activities, worship, ministry, and outreach, we encourage each other to go the “long haul” in Christ. Our desire is to go the distance, persevering and keeping our eyes set on Jesus.

  • Christian Education (Adult)

    Christian education doesn’t stop after elementary school. At Cornerstone, our mission is to bring people to maturity in Christ, and we believe that ongoing education for adults is a key component in that process.

  • Seasonal Ministries

    At Cornerstone Church we recognize that a number of people who attend our services may be seasonal. We want you to feel welcome at Cornerstone and have established a Seasonal Member Ministry especially for you. We use the term “seasonal member” in a broad sense, recognizing that all of us are not members of Cornerstone and may have membership ties to a home church in another location. That said, we all love Cornerstone, and want to share in Christian love and fellowship while we are here in Florida.

  • Small Groups

    Small Groups are the primary place where you are known and cared for at Cornerstone. It is within these small communities of 8-12 people that Christians can build personal relationships and practice applying the gospel to their lives. It is here that a person’s basic needs are met for spiritual, physical, and emotional support in a very intentional and loving way.

  • Women

    The purpose of WIC – Women in Cornerstone – is to equip women toward maturity in Christ. We encourage fellowship with one another, service within our church, community outreach, missions, and sharing Jesus Christ with our family, friends, and others.

  • Men

  • Worship

    The goal of Worship at Cornerstone is to cultivate and encourage corporate worship that is relevant, heartfelt, sincere, and Gospel driven. We believe that the use of the arts, music, and technology are useful tools to express our adoration for our great God, to present the beauty of the Gospel to an ever-changing culture, and as a way of expressing our desire to commune with and to experience the presence of God in the gathering of His people.

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